What We Do

Empowering organizations to meet their full potential!

At The Heart Share Group, we know that successful campaigns and development initiatives achieve immediate goals, as well as enhance the mission, image, and strength of the organization for lasting sustainability. We offer services that clients can use individually or as a comprehensive package –services that are tailored to enable each client to find their unique path to success.


Leadership Development

Board Governance

The Heart Share Group understands that there is no “one size fits all“ solution to board training and development. Whether it is facilitating board retreats, sharing knowledge on best practices, honing solicitation skills, or developing frameworks for nomination committees, HSG provides services to maximize board effectiveness.

HR Best Practices

What if HR was your organization’s greatest strength? What could you accomplish with the perfect mix of passionate people, powerful leadership, best practices and an engaged culture - all working together to achieve your mission? The Heart Share Group empowers HR to stay focused on what they do best - people. 

Team Building & Coaching

A knowledgeable and skilled team of professional staff is critical for success in every organization. The Heart Share Group provides an extensive range of staff training and development services rooted in best practices and tailored to address the specific issues facing your organization. We work with staff to build internal effectiveness as well as the team’s effectiveness in facilitating and supporting board and volunteer leadership.

Partnership Development


There is an art and a science to fundraising. Coming alongside nonprofits and assisting them with proven fundraising strategies that get results is one of our team’s core areas of focus.  Our creativity and over thirty years of combined fundraising experience, coupled with your dedication and hard work will result in a successful fundraising campaign. 

Donor Development

Donor Development is the process of stewarding one-time and monthly supporters into longterm and hopefully large-gift partners. Effective Donor Development programs cultivate deep, meaningful relationships with your donors. We help our clients shift their organization’s culture from seeing donors as ATM machines to seeing them as friends of the organization.

Event Production & Promotion

From managing a pre-defined budget, to sponsorship and underwriting opportunities - our team will merge all of the critical elements into a cohesive plan that will produce results. Our team will manage the design and production of your event, or feature one of our proven special events in your community alongside your organization.  

Underwriting & NTR

Underwriting and Non-Traditional Revenue are means for generating income and increased exposure for your organization.  “Sponsors” are given the opportunity to invest in your organization and gain credibility by leveraging association with your brand - thus making it a win-win proposition for all. Our team is devoted to developing these key relationships within your network of potential sponsors.  

Brand Development

Strategic Marketing Campaigns 

With increasing numbers of organizations competing for shrinking funding, nonprofits must find ways to differentiate. Organizations that lack a clear, focused strategy can find themselves at a disadvantage - let our team empower your organization to cut through the clutter and gain critical support from your donors. 

Social Networking Strategies

Social networking is a must-have for any modern organization. Upon creating your social media footprint, the main goal is to reach your audience; but how, exactly? Let us help you develop a strategy that engages your audience, promotes your online brand awareness, and increases web-based donations to your organization.

Digital & Creative Services

When it comes to creating innovative digital and print media, every tiny detail is just as important as the big ideas. At The Heart Share Group, we help our clients go from concept to creation, giving our clients  a competitive advantage in our ever-changing digital world. Further, our team also provides practical, actionable advice and step-by-step directions for how to get the most out of your digital assets. We have had the privilege to assist many organizations that have launched culture-shifting, world-changing ideas. We love to create impactful digital campaigns that will make a difference for great causes.